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The Bruntwood clothing range has been designed to encompass the basic requirements of any business wanting to promote their corporate image as smart and professional. Not only have we focused on presenting a clean and stylish look, but we have also researched and developed some of the highest performance fabrics and yarns, in our state of the art mills.

By focusing on the technical properties of our garments, we have been able to improve quality and longevity. Encompassing a long lasting fresh look while providing better value for money. Our color variants aim to complement most corporate colors and images, to encourage uniformity. Our size variants ensure a comfortable fit for the entire work force.

At Bruntwood, we understand the importance of high quality and ethical standards. As we produce and develop our own fabrics, we can assure all our products and processes attest to written standards. Furthermore, through rigorous testing we found long lasting continuity of our products color and performance.

With an increasingly competitive textile market, we understand the importance of providing products that are value for money. Therefore, we constantly seek to achieve the perfect balance between providing quality goods and affordable prices.

Lastly, with the end-user in mind, we aim to provide professional and comfortable garments for daily wear. With our unique blend of fabrics and innovative production methods we have been able to produce garments that epitomize comfort.

The Bruntwood collection provides businesses with the opportunity to benefit from a unique corporate range. We recognize that there may be certain custom additions that your business may require. As a manufacturer, we have the ability to consider producing other garments to either substitute Bruntwood products or to complement them. Visit out Bespoke page for more details on this service and how to inquire.

Bruntwood distributors are available throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. Distributors are trained to ensure you receive personalized support on an one on one basis.

We hope the selection for your corporate range is simplified upon viewing this website.